Tracie Austin Show | Eblis Returned
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Eblis Returned

Eblis Returned


(Taken from an exorcists chronicles) a book in preparation.

Some times things of a supernatural nature fit into patterns, and some are just so strange that there are no categories where they can belong. Such an event happened some few years ago, and the memories incurred in those events still grip me in horror.

One of the exorcism rules of The British Demonologists Foundation, was that you go to the trouble, it never comes to you, But it did. I had not seen my brother for some time, and he had the double celebration of his fortieth birthday and the new birth of his daughter. So I duly arrived at his home for the family gathering and was introduced to his other guests. There was the usual comic repartee, and I was given a glass of sherry which is always the custom at these happy and relaxed times.

The chatting was superficial and polite and slightly boring when one of the guests asked who the baby took after, my brother or his wife.? It was then when I relaxed and smiling, stepped over to look into the babies crib, and remember new born babies cannot lift their heads or focus their eyes, but this baby turned to face me and looked me straight in the eye, with a demonic lear that seemed to penetrate my very soul itself. The eyes burnt into me and the babies lips twisted into a mocking smile, in fact

the whole face became a threatening mask as I stepped back in shock and terror, the thought sunk in that of all places my brother’s home was the venue, and his new baby the vehicle for some spirit activity of the grossest evil.

I felt the blood in my veins go cold, as suddenly regaining my composure I searched the faces of the guests to see if any had seen my look of shock, and as I felt the color return to my face, I was much relieved to know that my reaction had gone unnoticed.

While I gazed into my sherry glass I examined my thoughts, and the slow realization began that I knew those eyes, they were familiar to me, an old adversary from somewhere a long way back, I broke out in a thick hot sweat as suddenly the doors were open on a life long past when I had to fight this creature, and in great anxiety my stomach turned over.

There is an old saying in Britain’s occult circles, that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” and whatever soul inhabited that child’s body at this time certainly unnerved me.

I had an imaginary picture in my mind of a battle yet unfought, a debt perhaps from aeons ago, and the inner knowing that the creature and I both knew each other and had unfinished business.

I seemed to know on some level, that in showing itself to me in mutual recognition, it was saying, and I heard a deep inner voice, “this child if I want it, is mine, for I am Eblis from the bottomless pit, and you will all belong to me.” This could only be a prelude to some real and coming deep unpleasantness; after some anxious deliberation I decided the best course of action was no action at all.

I would monitor the situation and only make a move if I had to. Strangely as the child grew up she was as a normal little girl, with normal eyes and actions, wherever the beast had gone it did not return, I never saw it in her face again, and over the years I have watched for it. She is now full grown, and now has her own children, and sounds a happy mother.

I never spoke of what I saw to a living soul, maybe one or two unliving, yes.

That was one battle I was pleased not to have to fight, the taste of fear and trepidation lived with me a long time. I would have faced this beast with difficulty, for I desperately felt outgunned.

T.Stokes exorcist  copyright 1992