Tracie Austin Show | A Journey Into The Paranormal
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Behind the Scenes at MG Studios

Teaser Trailer

@tracie_showSep 20
Stay tuned for our next show with Wilbur Allen, Former Air Force One Engineer to the White House. UFOs and The ISS.…
@tracie_showSep 18
Wilbur Allen will be my next guest on The Tracie Austin Show. Talking about UFOs, wormholes and the ISS. Stay tuned…
@tracie_showSep 15
GHOSTS, DEMONS & PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Check out part 1 of our show GHOST B GONE at our YouTube channel.…
@tracie_showSep 13
Thanks to everyone who watched the latest new episode of Ghost B Gone with the Rev at our YouTube channel! Keep you…
@tracie_showSep 11
Our new episode Ghost-B-Gone! with the Reverend Shawn Whittington is now available at our YouTube channel.…