Tracie Austin Show | Area 51
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Area 51

Area 51

We are extremely fortunate in obtaining this truly mind-blowing and exclusive Area 51 Paranormal Life article! At the witnesses request, the name has been withheld for privacy and security purposes. No editing to the document has been made to correct spelling, etc., and it is presented as it was received.

Question 1. How long have you worked at this particular facility at Area 51? Are you recruited by an agency, or Area 51 itself?

I work in Mercury Nevada, it’s not called Area 51 however our stations are referred to as Area’s. It’s called the Nevada Test Site. Each area is usually a separate building. I am hired by an outside agency through the Union. I have been working here for 6 years.

Question 2. Can you give the name of the facility? Or approximate distance from the center of the base to your facility?

I can not give the name of the facility nor the approximate distance because I believe it is underground. I have seen vehicles disappear into the desert (we are on mostly flat land). We are restricted to certain areas and the areas we are restricted too are areas beyond the military housing. They don’t give us names they just tell us we are not allowed to go to certain buildings with in the site. Our badges also have chips and will not let us into doors if we do not have the appropriate profile uploaded into our badge.

Question 3. Please describe when and what it was you first saw that was highly strange during your usual daily cleaning duties.

The first sight that I ever saw was actually while driving into the NTS (Nevada Test Site) we are driven to work on buses. It was a very very bright light coming from behind a mountain. The light was extremely white, nothing I had ever seen before. A few gasps where heard (from the newer employees), but not a word was said and watched the light dim out. This has happened on more than one occasion, I guess we are all used to it now because it’s nothing new and no one mentions it. I believe it wasn’t any of the bomb testing they do because those shake the ground and this light does not. The light is almost majestic. This light was just so white, so bright, not close to neon but just amazing. I don’t recall the first strange thing I saw cleaning because I have seen many.

Question 4. Who was with you when you witnessed this? If there was another person, had they seen strange things before at this facility?

I was with the employees who take this bus when I witnessed the bright light and as I mentioned before this had been seen before.

Question 5. What was the second strange thing that you witnessed?

I honestly don’t recall the order I witnessed things I will tell of those events that really impacted me. I’d say it was with in my first two years that I witnessed a few mind boggling things. I was with my supervisor at the time when she told me she would be taking me to one of the restricted areas and instructed me not comment, ask questions, or stop if I saw anything strange. She took me into a “medical facility” this is what she referred to it as. We walked into the first door. This door had to shut before we could enter the next door that was about 5 feet in front of us.

As we walked in it reminded me of the movie “Men In Black” it was a white room. Everything was so sanitary is smelled like a hospital operating room. As we walked into take out the trash and linens, there were 3 small jars slightly bigger then a glass jelly jar with a wider opening up top on a ledge. Inside these jars where what I thought human babies, until I took a closer look. They looked like little abortions (I used to work in the maternity ward in Mexico as a nurse so I figured I knew what I was looking at) they were little aliens, at least to what I’ve seen in the movies and magazines. Their bodies where formed perfectly with hands, feet, lips, and one thing that did stand out is that their heads were extremely big for the body proportion. They were almost transparent in color.

The liquid that was preserving them was of a yellowish clear color. I don’t think it was water because by just looking it appeared to be a bit thick not like gel but like oil. They were different sizes. The biggest on had to be about the length of an aluminum soda can. The eyes on this one were elongated kind of like a backwards tear drop. He didn’t have a distinguishable color maybe like a pinkish, peachy cream color. You could see what looks like veins, I have no idea if they bleed or not but that’s what it looked like. The other two were maybe about two and a half inches in length. With the same big eyes and perfectly formed bodies. We took the trash out and we went back for the linens by the time we went back the second time the jars were gone. The military personnel that stay in the housing have really taken more precaution as to what material or items they leave out.

Question 6. Did you decide to tell anyone about what you saw?

I told my kids because it was just too weird to be real. My supervisor asked that I say nothing about what I saw.

Question 7. Have any of the Area 51 employees ever spoken to you about what you’ve seen, if they were aware you had seen them?

No, the military personal usually keep to them selves; however most of the guest we see come from outside bases and are here for training in areas such as shooting and combat.

Question 8. What was the third strange thing you had witnessed?

I was cleaning one of the guest rooms one day and was dusting off the dresser when I accidentally knocked over a 3 ring binder. As I picked up the binder I noticed to id badges had fallen to the ground. They were like driver license when I took a closer look they had pictures of an alien face. I thought it was a joke so I picked them up and took a closer look. They looked like the regular ids from the DMV with the hieroglyphic sticker, except these were thick like our badges and had a chip insert. I really didn’t look too much at the detail of what info they had because I was afraid the guest could walk back in and catch me being nosey.

Question 9. What do you personally feel is going on at this base?

I feel a lot of military training; testing and many things that are not obvious to the eye go on here. There are many things that are not discussed among ourselves of fear we are being audio recorded and can get fired. There are many things that I’d like to question but really are not of my concern. As long as I have a job and no harm is done to me I try to mind my business.

Question 10. Do you believe in UFOs and other off worldly beings, and have you ever witnessed a UFO encounter, either at the base or other?

I did not used to believe in UFO’s or other off worldly beings but since I’ve worked here a very long time my opinion of that has changed. I have never had an encounter with a UFO here at this site or anywhere. The bright light I had mentioned before on the other hand I have witnessed more then once.

Question11. What did the alien beings look like on the ID tags that you spoke about? (Please try to sketch the face as best as you can)

The aliens looked like the ones on the movies. Big head, big oval tear dropped ovalish shaped eyes except these where gray near green.

Question 12. Would you say that you are an honest person?